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Leslie Cruz- Kelly | #01973894

Best Agent in Santa Cruz, Team Leader Leslie Cruz- Kelly

I've lead my career in this market by placing accountability of each deal as if it were my own. As a wife, mom, cancer thriver and dog lover, I've always given my clients the final say but also created space for their growth to happen. Buying or selling is always a new experience, no matter how many times you've done it. When you are in new situations it might feel frightening, this is why having me in your corner can help as I ground you. Keep you pointed towards the ultimate goal, re-framing perspectives to see the positives.


Community and connection are my true joys.  When you work with me, by extension, you are also giving to philanthropy efforts I cherish, like Sell A Home, Save a Child, and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. I’m proud that since 2015, I’ve helped over 80 families successfully buy and sell properties in California!


I have grown my skill set and business from the ground up.  I specialize in building relationships within my industry. This allows me to stay tapped in with the latest, for my clients. I nurture my bonds with these industry people, for one, I enjoy it but two its mutually beneficial to bring ease to ALL our everyday lives.



Real Estate License

After years of making big box stores millions as their operating manager, I decided to merge my passion to help people by building socio-economic wealth.


California State University- East Bay

After being accepted to UC Santa Cruz, I decided to be closer to home (at the time Redwood City). Graduating in 2009 (during the great recession) I choose to stay an added 2 years and earn a Double Bachlors.

BA- Sociology

BA- Economics


Foothill Community College

Working full-time plus a part-time with FASFA on campus, I became the first in my family to attend American college and earned a triple associates.

AA- Social Science

AA- Psychology

AA- Sociology

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